Heal Your Nervous System

Heal Your Nervous System


From numbed out and stuck to calm and centered 

Your nervous system is innately capable of healing, becoming resilient and calm.

You just need to learn HOW.

Join Dr. Linnea Passaler on a journey through your nervous system, learn how to feel at home with your emotions, including the difficult ones. 


  • Lifetime access to HEAL YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM
  • 8 Result Getting Modules With Videos & Workbooks
  • Weekly Live Group Q&A Call
  • Exclusive FB Support and Accountability Group
  • [Bonus 1] The 3 Love Languages of Your Nervous System
  • [Bonus 2] Supercharge Your Compassion Nerve

12 Modules


Come on in and follow Dr. Linnea as she walks you through all you need to know to get started!

Module 1: From Balance to Flexibility

Learn all about the "myth" of Balance and start working on your needs and boundaries.

Module 2: Breaking Free of Cultural Contradictions

Here's how your nervous system reacts to the social and cultural norms of our time, and how you can navigate gracefully through the experience.

Module 3: Befriending Your Nervous System

Learn how the Autonomic Nervous System determines your different states, and how you can recognize them. Then build your own Nervous System Map!

Module 4: From Dog Mind to Lion Mind

Your brain is a story-making machine. Let's dive into how you can begin to recognize and work with these stories!

Module 5: Story Follows State

The body is the original source of states and emotions. Learn how you can incorporate body awareness in everyday living. 

Bonus 1: The 3 Languages of Your Nervous System

Learn how different languages of your nervous system, including the forgotten ones, can impact your life

Module 6: Building New Patterns: Regulating with Others

We start tapping into our Nervous System innate healing capabilities to develop new patterns of regulation.

Bonus 2: Supercharge Your Compassion Nerve

Learn about vagal superstars and fill your life with compassion.

Module 7: Building New Patterns: Self-Regulation

We continue developing new patterns by learning self-regulation techniques.

Module 8: A Journey to Authenticity Through Flexibility

It’s time to put everything we have learned about ourselves and our nervous system together.

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